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Ultima Online at its best (Powered by SPHERESERVER

Welcome to Darklands Australia the home of PvP based Ulima Online as you remember it

For me and many there has been no other game was like Ultima Online. Darklands was an old PvP shard ran around 15 years ago by myself with the help of a few others like Majesty. I decided to recreate Darklands as much work had been done on sphereserver and has breathed new life into it patching all the security holes and updating it for a modern client.

Latest news and events

January 31, 2017

Added things

Just polishing things up a little.  Dagger has came back and added a lot of items like armor deeds and reg books to keep your bank […]
January 31, 2017


 News Update I have been plodding along building this.  I plan next to install github on the server to allow anyone to add a script – […]
January 31, 2017

Darklands is Comming Back!!!

Darklands Reopening We are all a little older maybey a little wiser over a decade after Darklands closed (due to injection hax) we are looking at […]