January 31, 2017

Added things

Just polishing things up a little.  Dagger has came back and added a lot of items like armor deeds and reg books to keep your bank in order in the future.   He has also added a sweet addition to armor.  The old armor (guarding fortification etc has had a major upgrade!!.  Basically with a full (of invul)  set you only receive 25% of the damage you would have previously.  Major boost  This effect only works PvM  PvP is unaffected to keep things balanced.

I have also made magic armor craft-able (its the only way you will get it)  Basically to make it you will need to make Virtue stones from rubies sapphires etc The amount which will vary depending on there rareness.

Still yet to figure out how to convert the jewles into virtue stones but I will keep you posted.

BTW a big thank-you to Thane and Penthus for helping tweak the PvP spelltimes to make it fast and correct.  Also for general bug finding which cannot be stated enough of the importance.