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May 8, 2014
January 31, 2017

Darklands is Comming Back!!!

Darklands Reopening
We are all a little older maybey a little wiser over a decade after Darklands closed (due to injection hax) we are looking at reopening due to popular demand and a little nostalgia.  Good news is that sphere is open source and one of the developers has helped out and given a bug free version of 55i !!!  Basically as a player you wont see the difference and you can even use the old scripts.
Lots to do here.  I am hoping to host this on my webserver thats based in sydney.  Sphere comes in 2 flavours  windows and linux.  I am hoping the later is stable these days (it never used to be)  But there is only 1 way to see so as soon as the old “gm disco” shoots me a copy of the old scripts we are into phase 2 “bug testing”
I really hope to see a few old faces come on board and catch up as it will be good to know how everyone is going.  Anyways no rest for the wicked I better get back to it 🙂