Downloads to get Connected and Play

3rd party clients programs are supported by there respective makers
Client & Game  You need to unzip this somewhere on your computer.  All you need to do then is double click the client.exe file and your away  make a username and password for yourself and your now playing.

Razor  A third party macro program to automate simple and not so simple tasks.  Works well with gumps aswell.  Easy to setup and play with.  Recommended for anyone without programming skills.

Automap Ultima Online is huge for new players (and not so new) this is the best thing to navigate the world with.  Ultima Online is huge and you will definatley need this or you will get lost.

EasyUo  A macro program used to automate repetitive tasks.   It does many things like read log files etc.  You can intergrate it with Razor via a send button command to create some amazing macros.

Injection   Probably one of the most powerful macro programs out there – Also the hardest to master(in my opinion) But for PvP there is nothing better.