Longest and strongest cyclone I had ever experienced  around 36hrs of getting blasted.  I seriously don't ever want to see that kind of wind again.  Family and I are safe but all the infrastructure is a mess.  I must say I give Ergon Energex and the guys that came up from NSW credit - they have done a huge job (although I havent had my power on for a week and a half and unlikely to for a few more weeks)  The electricity network was completely smashed down here and I appreciate the effort they put in.   Telstra deserve special mention aswell.   I give them an E for effort.   They only decided to power up Dryander   Site after I complained to politicians that I know.  You don't  really appreciate all these modern services till there gone.   I might say aswell that when the NBN goes down it stays down with 0 effort to power up the sites if the mains power fails.  I believe a much larger focus needs to go into stand alone power systems for each and every one of these mobile phone and NBN sites without at least 7 days of backup  There is no reason this couldn't easily be achieved .