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What still needs doing?

Just going over what still needs to happen here till its playable.  Well right now I guess its playable but it still isnt finished  this is a list that I made that needs to be completed

1/ finish off gem converter ie rubys/saphires etc --> runestones --> magic armour  (the back half is done)

2/ craftable houses ie ingots/timber -->house parts -->deeds

3/ remove houses from vendors (force people to make them)

4/ loot templates given on=@death find a function of monster hp/str

5/ change loot templates

6/ craftable magic weapons  do they get bonus pvm?  <--- Working on this now  Swords are done  bows maces ect still need doing  I am not adding the new wepons in at this point of time as I would have to make defs up for them aswell and I have enough to do  Will add the new weapon defs down the track



7/ check provocation  Disordence?  Does this work on people?  can it be removed? does it stack? <-- personally I think no

8/ take gem buying away from vendors (you must mine or kill monsters for gems) (also house deeds are gone you must build)

9/ vendor template bag of regs simple thing but saves people pain

10 tourney games (scripted) dress kill memory items moving bits - maybey something similar to wows arathi basin or wsg?

11/ bank sorter regs pots armour weapons scrolls (nice to have but not 100% needed)

12/ Player rewards (veterans) newbie items like daggers musical intruments and other tools etheral mounts (rides) etc

13/ champion spawns  made a lot smarter summon helpers etc

14/ fixed weights of ore and ingots

15/ healing now only either cures or heals (not both

16/ fully bug test   <---  you guys can help me here

17/  Boats   <-- Craftable only?   When do these die?  After creation they will float around forever until a gm deletes them.  I am thinking they should die after a month  These die after a month of not being used  (turned actully)

18/  remove .info from players

19/ Make town wars chaos v's order (Brit vs Bucs) - Same as old Darklands it was a huge success and gets people fighting pretty much non stop at Brit bank.  This will also get you the best shield in the game newbied.  (Until you resign)

20/ Matex is installing his script / Version of bomberman - A tourney script

21/ Fix Xpots so you cant bury them below z level

22/ poison on critters (its ok but become immune after you poisioned them once already)  even gm poisoners shouldn't kill every critter in game with 2 spells

23/ vote stones - register at some topsites

Still a bit to go yet...



Still plugging along  I added custom houses in (102 custom houses) ranging from 7x7 to 18x18 and everything inbetween   Kind of a boring job this  - These are craftable aswell (added them to the skill menu)  in fact its the only way to get a house.  The skill required to build these is  0.1   The reason being is because I never want anyone to fail as its a heck of a lot of materials that would be wasted  400 * 300 ingots and logs for a castle anyways Just dropping a line to say things are still progressing

I have posted a few scripts on discord that need adjustment if anyof you could help with them it would be great - I belive I have explained whats needed to happen with them   look in the development channel

Going to thailand for a few weeks - I will have buggerall to do over there (not into ladyboys and bargirls) so I can spend a bit of time doing this.  I am getting some new teeth screwed into my skull.